I was sitting in film wanting to fall asleep, because that’s what any college junior wants to do at 6am in the morning, when our new football coach dropped a word of wisdom on my knuckle headed team of college athletes.

He said (and I don’t quote this direct because I don’t really remember), “You have a lot of responsibility now in a lot of different things, in order to achieve your goals in every area, academics, athletics, extra-curricular, you need to compartmentalize your efforts. That means when you’re at practice, you’re at practice, not thinking about your Chemistry problem-set… etc…”

Well, life was a little bit easier in college: wake, practice, class, lift, study, socialize, and still get 8 hours of sleep. My day had an establish structure, thanks to an awesome institution that kept my efforts directed. I didn’t really need to make a concerted effort to compartmentalize. Just do the things you HAVE to do, go to class, go to practice, and while you’re there focus.

Now, things are tad more difficult. Despite having successfully made the leap from student-athlete to finance professional at a wall st. bank, my next step into entrepreneurialism has been met with about a year of procrastination under the assumption that an ideal job would fall in my lap because I went to Yale and worked at a bank, I couldn’t have been more incorrect. I’ve wanted to go from a corporate employee to an independently wealthy entrepreneur without doing the right work. We’ll, a year later and still working at the same bank, I’ve decided to apply some of the nuggets of wisdom I’ve picked up in my 24 years on this planet to build structure in my life and action change. 

My compartments:


Brain Juice 

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